Международный центр медицины под руководством профессора И.В. Кривопалова - Москвина
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Уважаемые пациенты, для спокойного прибытия в клинику (и отбытия), вам будут предоставлены необходимые медицинские подтверждения, для беспрепятственного приобретения билетов и предъявления их при необходимости. 
Также доводим до вашего сведения, что учитывая неблагополучную обстановку, связанную с пандемией, во все наши программы, включена АКП (антикоронавирусная программа) для сохранения устойчивого состояния вашей иммунной системы и создания неблагополучного фона в вашем организме к вирусам разной этиологии.

The "APITOX" programme in the treatment of narcomania

  • Squatted, in a hood, with a dropped head, with a cigarette, restless, often with sunglasses, with a specific smell. If You see such a person, be sure - he is DRUG ADDICT! He is the one, who "lives" in another world, for whom darkness is a common state, and light is left behind;
  • He doesn't belong to himself; his subconciousness constantly suppresses him and makes him provocate himself. That's why to give up using drugs independently is almost impossible. But if it happens, he doesn't recover completely neither as a person, nor as a physically healthy man;
  • " It is not enough to give up drugs. It is important to get rid of the predispositionary facts, one of which is smoking. Almost everybody smokes. If this problem is solved, the effectiveness of treatment will increase;
  • The person, who treats, is sometimes more important for the result, than the way of treating. Everything depends on how professionally and correctly the treatment is held;
  • Sufficient physic and psychic compensation in addition to a proper mood are the guarantee of success.

The offered treatment and rehabilitation complex is based on the influence of the apitoxin, active peptides of animal origin (apamin, melittine, adolapin, secapine, cardiopep, MSD-peptide, etc.), and also enzymes (phospholipase A, hyaluronidase)!

The variety of their effects is determined by their polyfunctionality and influence on different structural levels: ultrastructural, cellular, tissue and organic.

The main apitoxine effects in the treatment of narcomania
Phase Achieved effects Assisting factors and mechanisms of the achieved effect
The main mechanism of the addiction development.
Regulation of the disturbed catecholamine exchange.
  • Activation of the hypophysis-epinephros system;
  • Activation of the biogenic amines system (dopamine, serotonin);
  • Reflectring.
2 The treatment of the abstinent syndrome.
Analgesic effect.
  • Stimulation of the endogenous opioid production (endorphins, enkephalins);
  • Ganglioblocking effect;
  • Analgesic effect of adolapin, MSD-peptide.
Normalization of the physic condition (somatovegetative normalization).
  • Normalization of the metabolic processes in the inner organs (including liver);
  • Bloodreology improvement;
  • The tissue microcirculation increase.
Normalization of the psychic condition (drug attraction decrease, improvement of sleep, etc.)
  • Sedative effect of secapine;
  • Increase of the brain blood supply;
  • Endogenous system regulation;
  • Apipsychotherapy (stress and emotional therapy).
3 Rehabilitation.
Psychological adaptation (mood, sleep, interests, etc.).
  • Hypophysis-epinephros system activation;
  • Biogenic amines activation;
  • Melittine stimulating effect;
  • Apipsychotherapy.
Mobilization of the defensive and reserve powers of the organism.
  • Stress-syndrome of the bee-venom installation (regulative peptides activation).

Besides apitherapeutical impacts we use a great number of other procedures are used. They are aimed to restore appearance, veins, to change the mood, to give the perspective of life, to turn to new dominants.

The treatment is carried stationary. The courses last for 10-15-20 days. A group of specialists works with each patient; the living conditions are comfortable. It is rather important, because if there is chaos and disorder, it will influence everything. There should be no trifles in treatment and rehabilitation of drug addiction.


You wanted to live careless, getting only satisfaction.
As a result you don't live, only exist, having lost any interest to life...

You easily agreed to use HEROINfor the first time,

You easily believed, that it was incurable,
you lost yourself,
you lost your relatives and friends...

You gave the right to rule your body and
your mind to


The "APITOX" programme is the suppression of DRUG ADDICTION by bee venom fractions.


Can resist bee venom - "APITOX" PROGRAMME!

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