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Уважаемые пациенты, для спокойного прибытия в клинику (и отбытия), вам будут предоставлены необходимые медицинские подтверждения, для беспрепятственного приобретения билетов и предъявления их при необходимости. 
Также доводим до вашего сведения, что учитывая неблагополучную обстановку, связанную с пандемией, во все наши программы, включена АКП (антикоронавирусная программа) для сохранения устойчивого состояния вашей иммунной системы и создания неблагополучного фона в вашем организме к вирусам разной этиологии.

Infantile cerebral paralysis (ICP)

ICP (infantile cerebral paralysis) - is a disease which has characters of its own, such as diverse abnormalities in locomotive organs' functioning, enunciation and psychic condition. ICP becomes apparent in early childhood as a result of lesion of Central Nervous System, and does not grow worse from then on.

The reasons of contracting to ICP have not been investigated properly so far, but the risk factors that predispose to ICP are known. They may be divided into three groups:

  • Before the pregnancy (menstrual cycle disorder, short or long interval between the labour, genetic syndromes, spontaneous abortions or mortinatuses in anamnesis, intake of thyroid hormones).
  • During the pregnancy (fetal infections, small or big fetus mass, prematurity, postmaturity).
  • During the labour and the infancy (lengthy oxygen starvation of the fetus during the labour, obstetrical intervention).

There are four clinical versions of ICP based on abnormalities in locomotive organs' functioning: spastic, dyskinetic, atactic and mixed forms.

Apitherapy in the treatment of ICP

ICP might be characterized by absence of any treatment for it up till now, some methods for rehabilitation being known just as a part of the general physical rehabilitation (physiotherapy, massage, exercise therapy) which corrects locomotive abnormalities only.

Some years ago we developed a new approach for solving the problem within the framework of the programme "APITOX" based on the application of bee venom fractions; it allows applying therapy and rehabilitation simultaneously during the reasonable period of hospitalization.

We are glad to say that we can offer an absolutely new approach based on applying of apitoxinotherapy in combination with apikinesitherapy, including medicines prepared on the basis of pollen, honey, herbs, propolis, royal jelly along with a special rehabilitation complex.

Aims and tasks: physical and psychic medical rehabilitation of ICP patients.

Physical rehabilitation allows first of all, improving of locomotive abilities of the patient due to:

  • Rehabilitation of normal muscle tone of limbs;
  • Correction of contracture and deformity of limbs;
  • Destruction of habitual motor skills;
  • Formation of new joint range of motions;
  • Fastening motor skills that have been acquired during the period of treatment.

Psychic rehabilitation improves mental power of the patient due to:

  • Improvement of enunciation;
  • Improvement of memory;
  • Normalization of cerebral blood flow and metabolism.

Another aims of the treatment:

  • Reduction of spasmodic attacks frequency;
  • Removal of hyperexcitability;
  • Increase of protective strength of organism;
  • Normalization of metabolism.

Bee venome effects in the treatment of ICP

Effects achieved Assisting factors and mechanisms of the achieved effects
Physical rehabilitation
1. Reduction of hypertonus of limbs (depending on ICP-forms)
  • Nerve impulse transmission blockade at the periphery (melittine);
  • Disorder of impulse conduction to central nervous system;
  • Reflectionary through the biologically active points.
2. Increase in muscle tone (depending on ICP-forms)
  • Stimulating action to Central Nervous System (apamin);
  • Improvement of functional bonds between Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System;
  • Activation of biologically active points.
3. Formation of new locomotive abilities
  • Improvement of nerve impulse transmission;
  • Activating action to Central Nervous System (apamin);
  • Improvement of neural tissue trophism
4. Improvement of coordination
  • Improvement of functional bonds between parts of spinal marrow and brain by permeation of apitoxins through the blood-brain barrier.
  • Psychic rehabilitation
    5. Improvement of enunciation
    • Stimulation of locomotive center, situated near the speech center;
    • Normalization of metabolism in the brain tissues;
    • Simplification of internevronic bonds;
    • Apipsychotherapy.
    6. Improvement of memory
    • Increasing of synthesis of biogenic amines (apamin);
    • Improvement of microcirculation of brain;
    • Improvement of reological blood characteristics;
    • Combination with api-preparations.
    7. Reduce of spasmodic attacks of brain
    • Antispasmodic action of bee venom;
    • Reflex action to biologically active points.
    8. Removal of hyperexcitability
    • Sedative affect of secapine and tertiapine;
    • Increasing of generation of endogenous peptides.
    9. Normalization of metabolism
    • Influence through the system of regulatory peptides;
    • Anticoagulant effect of bee venom;
    • Vasodilating action of melittine;
    • Increasing of oxygen-bonding blood functions;
    • Combination with api-preparations.
    10. Increase in protective strength of organism
  • Stress-syndrome on the background of applying of bee venom;
  • Activation of regulatory peptides system.
  • An integral part of the treatment, which allows achieving significant results, is a new direction - apikinesitherapy (combination of apitoxinotherapy and exercise therapy, mechanical and reflectory actions). At the same time its opportunities extend due to:

    • Muscle hypertonus reduction owing to melittine;
    • Removal of contracture and increasing of joint range of motions owing to adolapine's analgetic effect;
    • Fastening of new skills owing to central stimulating action of apamin;
    • Improvement of metabolism in the muscular tissue due to the intensification of microcirculation and changes of blood qualities.

    This versatile and many-sided medical complex allows changing physical abilities, being used widely on the background of therapy provided and improving significantly the quality of psychic health.

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