Международный центр медицины под руководством профессора И.В. Кривопалова - Москвина
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Уважаемые пациенты, для спокойного прибытия в клинику (и отбытия), вам будут предоставлены необходимые медицинские подтверждения, для беспрепятственного приобретения билетов и предъявления их при необходимости. 
Также доводим до вашего сведения, что учитывая неблагополучную обстановку, связанную с пандемией, во все наши программы, включена АКП (антикоронавирусная программа) для сохранения устойчивого состояния вашей иммунной системы и создания неблагополучного фона в вашем организме к вирусам разной этиологии.

Apitherapeutical cosmetology

When we have tested the API-cosmetics for the first time, everyone was astonished, both clients and specialists. During all previous time we worked with best foreign cosmetics (Spanish, Italian, French)... And thus appeared the new apitherapeutical series with its quick and various effects: from the effect of the youth restoration of the face to the body shape correction.

The attempts were made to create the cosmetics based on the royal jelly, honey, propolis, wax and pollen. But that was only the cosmetics for home care.

The "API" cosmetological center managed to create new highly effective, professional cosmetics.

The results were incredible: the restoration of the regeneration potential of the skin cells; skin restructurization in the youth-like manner (the derma becomes thicker, and the corneal layer becomes thinner); the activation of the synthetic cell activity due to the optimal balanced composition of amino-acids, nucleotides, cofactor and ferments: production of the natural moisturing components and hyaluronic acid, the restoration of the balance of the synthesis processes and of the protein disintegration of the connective tissue (the strength and the flexibility of the skin increase, the turgor is restored); the mobilization of the local defensive factors and the delay of the skin aging. It is especially acute in our ecologically unfavourable region, because the free-radical processes instantly run in the skin, leading to the destruction of it in its deepest levels and simultaneous collagen destruction. As a result the skin becomes faded and wrinkled.

Important is the fact of the MSD-peptide presence. It is included into the API-cosmetics and is able to compensate the hormone decrease (the latter causes the loss of youth, beauty and health)

Already after the first procedures the FACE changes quickly, becoming younger, cleaner and more beautiful. The BODY obtains flexibility, strength and shape and becomes light and supple.

In the case of necessity there is the combination with the traditional professional cosmetics, computer stimulation, ultrasound influence and a complex of various procedures.

Much attention is also paid to the psycho emotional factor. The modern rhythm of life leads to the destruction of the natural biorhythms and the whole defensive system of the organism. All that determines the premature aging.

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