Международный центр медицины под руководством профессора И.В. Кривопалова - Москвина
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International Centre of Traditional and Alternative Medicine "API" - the leading apitherapeutical department

International Centre of Traditional and Alternative Medicine "API" was founded in Chelyabinsk city in 1991. Nowadays it is the largest apitherapeutical department in our country.

The centre's facilities are:

  • hospital;
  • clinical apitherapy department;
  • narcological department;
  • cosmetological department;
  • psychoterapeutical department;
  • multiple sclerosis treatment-and-rehabilitation centre;
  • Parkinson's disease treatment-and-rehabilitation centre;
  • manufactoring department.

All these years Igor Vladimirovich Krivopalov-Mosсvin, Doctor of Medicine and Professor, has been heading the centre.

Igor Krivopalov-Mosсvin is the author of a new direction in apitherapy and medicine -clinical apitherapywhich let apitherapy be considered not as additional method but the basic one in the treatment of many serious diseases.

For the first time the staff of the centre headed by Igor Krivopalov-Mosсvin carried out the research concerning the bee venom influence on the blood system and immunity indices in the case of Multiple sclerosis.

The original method of motion activity restoration combined with the kinesitherapy and the stress factor of apitoxin is also of a great interest.

There were reached significant results in the treatment of narcological illnesses. In particular, we worked out method of apinarcotherapy which allows the doctors not only to cure the alcohol addiction for total refuse but also to normalize the process of alcohol usage.

The latest achievement is "APITOX" programme applying to the treatment of narcomania, it won EC golden medal.

Every year Igor Vladimirovich represents Russia at the international congresses, conferences, symposiums. Since 2000 was a chairman of the Apitherapeutical Union of 11 European countries "Apislavia". In 2001 he became the first Russian representative at Apitherapy Committee of the World Organization "Apimondia".

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